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Phinsh Collage Maker

A Photo Collage for every Occasion

What is Phinsh Collage Maker?

Phinsh (Photos In Shape) Collage Maker is a Shape Collage Maker that uses a novel approach to unlimited number of photos in any shape you want using an innovative photo grid.

With few clicks, you can create and customize an astonishing Photo Collage that you may use as:

  • Posts and stories in social media.
  • Print as a framed picture / poster / photo wall / t-shirt / pillow / mug / card, etc for:
    • Home decoration (e.g. photo grid collage as a bedroom wall art)
    • Business decoration (e.g. collage with the shape of your logo)
    • Anniversary gift for your partner (heart shaped collage ❤️)
    • Birthday gift (photo collage number shape)
    • Gift card
    • Causes and promotional materials
    • Creative art such as a Photo Mosaic

Unique Collage with Each Shape!

Bored from traditional photos layouts in other apps?

With Phinsh Collage Maker, the photo layouts that you can create are endless. This is because of the ability to change the size of your photos, the space between them and the shape representation accuracy. Each time you use the app you can select a new shape and custom collage settings which makes your Photo Collage unique and eye catching with each use!

phinsh collage maker shapes

+250 Shapes / Custom Shape

Phinsh offers more than 250 shapes to choose from. In addition, the Pro Version enables you to add any custom shape.

high resolution shape collage

Export up to 6000px

The standard image save has a max of 1500px. However, there is a paid export for Collages up to 3000px or 6000px!

Make your first Collage in one minute.

shape collages created using Phinsh on smartphones

Other App Features

  • Very easy to use. Select photos and a shape and your photo collage is ready!
  • Phinsh is a collage maker for unlimited number of photos (use more than 20, 50, 100, 200 pictures in one collage).
  • Add and edit texts.
  • Swap and change photos positions easily.
  • Rotate or crop photos in the collage.
  • Custom ratios for Rectangular Photo Collage.
  • Adjust size of photos in the shape collage.
  • Adjust space between photos (grid spacing).
  • Adjust accuracy for finer or coarser shape fitting (grid density around the shape).
  • Unlimited grid layouts (using the Adjust option of the collage maker).
  • Choose background color.
  • Choose between +85 gradient backgrounds.
  • Share collage to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat…
  • Transparent background (👑 PRO feature).