Start creating shape collages like these in 1 minute

With Phinsh, you can create fantastic shape collages in few clicks without any photo editing experience. The possibilities and the ideas are endless, just trigger your creativity!

Heart shape collage

Make a special gift for your Partner.

Baby shape collage

A collage to last for your Baby.

Country collage

Brilliant idea for Vacation or Honeymoon photos.

Unlimited number of photos

Phinsh supports a photo collage with unlimited number of photos.

Graduation hat photo collage

Looking for a creative graduation gift idea?
Pack the photos of your friend in the shape of a graduation hat.

Number photo collage

Photo collage with the shape of number one.

Home photo collage

Great idea for personalized home decoration. Pack the photos of your family in the shape of house.

USA map photo collage

Put the photos of your employees,  customers, visitors in the shape of any map.

Creative shape collage

Creative idea for musician gifts or musician birthdays.

Tooth shape collage

This collage says a 1000 words about your Business.

Paw collage

A paw collage for your beloved dog photos.

Text collage

Use text collage as a birthday collage idea.

Nice and easy to use.. you can make a nice memory for your friend or even yourself in seconds.
Abd alkader
Journalist - Turkey